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Charity Calls on Government to Increase Funding for End of Life Care

A charity that provides training in end of life care is calling on the Government to make more resources and training available for generalist... read more

04.07.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

‘Metaversal University’ could solve global staffing crisis, says FuturU CEO

Free online training for nurses and care professionals could help solve the global staffing crisis according to an education technology leader.... read more

19.05.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Nurses’ union boss foresees “massive” future for the profession

Ahead of International Nurses Day - on May 12th - Helen Whyley, Director for the Royal College of Nursing in Wales, has given a candid interview... read more

11.05.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

NHS leader pledges support for struggling healthcare workers in...

Sim Scavazza, the acting chair of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) – has pledged to increase support... read more

05.05.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Government needs to put its money where its mouth is to fix our GP...

With general practice facing an existential fight for survival, the Government needs to seize the moment and ensure GP services across the country... read more

28.04.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Crisis-stricken social care sector needs its own workforce strategy,...

As the Government prepares to unveil its long overdue workforce strategy for the NHS, the boss of Skills for Care, has called for the social care... read more

20.04.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Cost of living squeeze is forcing health workers in Surrey to relocate...

The NHS in Surrey's problems retaining staff have been laid bare after a leading NHS boss revealed it is repeatedly losing workers to the Midlands... read more

06.04.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Provide management training to stop NHS staff from leaving, says boss of...

Every person in the NHS who oversees the work of another should be properly trained in the art of people management. In a candid conversation... read more

01.04.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Hospital boss outlines plan to support her ‘exhausted’ Royal Surrey family

Wrap-around support for worn-out NHS workers is at the centre of a Surrey hospital’s strategic vision for the year ahead. In conversation with... read more

27.03.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

NHS boss reveals high street plan to fix staff shortages

The boss of one of the biggest NHS trusts in the country has spelled out his vision for making life better for its 15,000 staff, whilst also... read more

17.03.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

NHS boss reveals how focus on staff wellbeing helped to turn around...

A senior manager at a previously failing hospital has outlined how a sharp focus on staff wellbeing helped to transform its fortunes. Laura... read more

13.03.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Financial wellbeing platfom allows NHS staff to access their pay more...

NHS staff facing up to the cost-of-living crisis are being helped by a financial wellbeing platform which allows them to choose when they get... read more

07.03.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Boss of care regulator spells out vision for ‘gridlocked’ NHS

The country’s health and social care system is in “gridlock, which is harming patients and can only be fixed by long-term funding and... read more

03.03.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Scottish care chief slams ‘government hypocrisy’ over staff pay as he...

Donald Macaskill, chief executive of Scottish Care, which represents private and charity run care homes, says the sector must no longer be treated... read more

24.02.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Perfect storm could sink the NHS warns Milton Keynes hospital boss

The chief executive of Milton Keynes Hospital has told of his fears the NHS ‘could sink’ as it tries to cope with the perfect storm of rising... read more

20.02.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

GP services and diagnostic private sector growing rapidly, says boss of...

Demand for independent GP appointments and diagnostic referrals is likely to grow significantly in 2023, predicts the boss of one of the UK’s... read more

10.02.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Former boss of NHS England: Short-term thinking to blame for workforce...

The government’s failure to draw up and implement a long-term plan to improve the health and care workforce has resulted in the chronic shortages... read more

27.01.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Tackle diversity to encourage more people into nursing and other...

The chief executive of Birmingham and Solihull’s Mental Health NHS Trust has called on health leaders to address diversity issues to get more... read more

23.01.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

Rethink health and social care workforce to solve NHS backlog – CEO of...

One of the leading figures in the UK’s recruitment sector has called for a strategic review of Britain’s health and social care workforce in order... read more

19.01.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

State of social care the worst it’s been for many years – boss of Care...

Britain’s social care system is in one of the worst states it’s been in “for many, many years”, according to the chief executive of Care England,... read more

10.01.2023 • By Blue Lozenge

NHS leader expresses concern for worn-out workforce

With new figures showing that nearly 360,000 days were lost across the NHS last week due to staff illness or self-isolation due to Covid, the... read more

01.12.2022 • By Blue Lozenge